All Eyes On: Instagram Stories, SEO and Christmas Ads

19th November

Published by Vicky

19th November

This week we are looking at Instagram Stories and improving SEO, and also appreciating the fine art of the Christmas advert.

Do you use Instagram Stories for your business?

This article from Buffer includes tons of detailed research and breaks down the optimum times for posting, number of stories and other key information to help you really get the best from your Stories posts. We’re loving Instagram Stories at the moment so if you’re not following us yet why not come and see what we’re up to?

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Is SEO a mystery to you?

SEO best practices seem to change so often you could be forgiven for feeling completely lost! The key with great SEO is to remember that it’s not something you learn once and then implement; rather it’s something that should be thought of as part of one’s continuous personal development. Search engines and algorithms are always changing, and so if you want to make use of SEO at all, you need to be up to date with the latest developments.

Luckily Yoast has a free “SEO in 2019” webinar tomorrow. If you’re looking to learn new things and improve your SEO, it’s worth a look!

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Are you loving the Christmas ads?

This year has seen an unprecedented amount of trolling between brands, perhaps the best of which is Aldi’s epic “Kevin & the Christmas Truck” which manages to brilliant spoof both the Coca Cola Christmas Truck and The Italian Job.

As has become the norm, the big reveal of the John Lewis Christmas ad “Elton John Lewis” last week sparked a lot of excitement and discussion. A brilliant Christmas ad as always, but we have loved the responses from other major brands. Lidl’s “It’s a Lidl bit funny” was brilliant and Pizza Hut Tweeted an inspired response, managing to reference both #EltonJohnLewis and the furore surrounding the banned Iceland ad.

And of course, at this time of year we should all spare a thought for Virginia Tech University science lecturer @JohnLewis, who usually manages to respond to mistaken Tweets about Christmas ads with good grace and brilliant wit.