Jago Contractor Handbook


This Contractor Handbook is designed to provide essential information to all contractors as to official policies and practices. Our aim in producing this is to provide a one-stop information point where you can access all the information you are likely to need in relation to working with us.

This system outlines what you can expect from Jago whilst working with us. In return, we ask of you a high degree of commitment, dedication and loyalty to help us achieve the aims and objectives of the company.

This is a living system; the versions of policies and procedures you see here will be the most up to date and any printed copies should not be relied upon. These are your policies too; we want you to share your ideas and challenges so we can nurture the culture we are building. 

Anything you see on this system reflects the current minimum standards we are working to.

We hope you will find this a useful guide during your time with Jago. However, if you are unable to find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact me and I will find an answer for you.

About Jago

Developing leaders identity, emotional intelligence and storytelling to become known, liked and trusted. Delivering a methodical, research-based approach to build personal brands and catalyse transformation.

Values & Expectations

Jago Values:

  • People first
  • Actively listen
  • Be authentic
  • Think big
  • Make it happen

Jago believes our team members are our greatest assets. 

Hours of work

  • Standard working hours at Jago are Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 5.30 pm.
  • Bank holidays and weekends are not considered normal workdays.
  • Your normal hours and working pattern, if different from the above, will be specified in your Contract.
  • Jago reserves the right to vary your hours and pattern of work, following consultation and agreement with you.

Criminal record checks

  • Some team members may be required to undergo a criminal record/DBS check. This is only in very special circumstances where your employment with us means you are likely to come into contact with children or vulnerable adults (or in certain other particular circumstances).
  • Should a criminal record check be required, we will discuss the situation with you prior to confirming your appointment (or a relevant change to your job).

Standards of performance & behaviour


  • Jago does not seek to inhibit individual choice in relation to your appearance. For the most part, as a remote worker, there are no requirements regarding your appearance.
  • On occasion, you may be required to attend meetings with clients, at which times appropriate business attire should be worn.
  • If you have any queries as to what is appropriate please speak to your line manager.


  • It is a condition of your contract that you have a duty of confidentiality with regards to Jago.
  • During the course of your tenure, you may find yourself in possession of sensitive information, the disclosure of which could be construed as a breach of confidentiality.
  • It is a condition of your tenure that you must not discuss any company sensitive or confidential matter whatsoever with any outside organisation including the media.

Email and Internet use

  • If you have access to company email as part of your work you must not abuse this by using your email for purposes unrelated to Jago business.
  • Jago email addresses are provided for responsible use on Jago business and should not be used in any other way whatsoever.
  • You must not make reference to Jago or its services, or represent yourself on behalf of the company on social media without formal permission from Jago to do so.

Receipt of gifts

  • Your working relationships may bring you into contact with outside organisations where it is the normal business practice or social convention to offer hospitality, and sometimes gifts.
  • Offers of this kind to you or your family can place you in a difficult position. Therefore no team member or any member of his or her immediate family should accept from a supplier, customer or other person doing business with Jago, payments of money under any circumstances, or special considerations such as discounts or gifts of materials, equipment, services, facilities or anything else of value unless:
    • They are in each instance of a very minor nature usually associated with accepted business practice
    • They do not improperly interfere with your independence of judgement or action in the performance of your employment
  • In every circumstance where a gift is offered, the advice of your line manager should be sought.

Bribery and other corrupt behaviour

  • Jago has a strict anti-bribery and corruption policy in line with the Bribery Act (2010).
  • A bribe is defined as giving someone a financial or another advantage to encourage that person to perform their functions or activities improperly or to reward that person for having already done so.
  • If you bribe (or attempt to bribe) another person, intending either to obtain or retain business for the company or to obtain or retain an advantage in the conduct of the company’s business this will be considered gross misconduct.
  • Similarly accepting or allowing another person to accept a bribe will be considered gross misconduct. In these circumstances, you will be subject to formal investigation under Jago’s disciplinary procedures, and disciplinary action up to and including dismissal may be applied.

Data protection & access to information

  • Jago will comply with all statutory requirements of Data Protection law including the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
  • Any personal or sensitive information on an individual which Jago holds is covered by this legislation, and this includes emails. If you receive a subject access request you should refer this immediately to your line manager.
  • If you are a user of information like this you must be sure you are not breaching any data protection rules when you store or use the information and when you write and send emails. This could include but is not limited to:
    • Using data that has not been kept up-to-date
    • Passing on or processing personal information about an individual without their consent
    • Keeping personal information longer than necessary
    • Sending personal information outside the country
  • If any breach of data protection rules is discovered such as the leaking or hacking of personal or sensitive data, this should be reported immediately to your line manager, and any immediate action should be taken to close down such leaks. Your line manager will ensure this is properly investigated and the appropriate reporting actions are taken if necessary.
  • Team members may request access to the information held on them by Jago. All such requests should be made in writing. There is no charge for this service.

Changes in personal information 

  • It is important that our records are correct as inaccurate or out of date information could cause problems with payments or emergencies. You must notify your line manager immediately of all changes in  the following personal information:
    • Name
    • Home address
    • Telephone number
    • Bank details
    • Examinations passed/qualifications gained
    • Emergency Contact
    • Driving licence penalties (if you are required to drive on Jago business)
    • A criminal charge, caution or conviction


We believe training and self-development are important in any role, and as such we are happy to provide training for our team members. This may include:

  • Contributing to or paying for online training, in-person training or other learning
  • Providing one-off workshops for developing particular skills

One-off workshops will be organised and you will be invited if relevant to your position.

If there is a course of the event you would like to attend, you must send full details in writing to Ryan who will assess and confirm or deny.