Human beings are much more than just their name and what they look like.  They are a set of behaviours, values and identity.  Your brand is your public identity, what you are trusted for.


Our unique approach is infused with anthropology and emotional intelligence.



Jago offers these pivotal services:

  • Personal Brand | Development

    • DPLY HUMAN® – A development programme designed to help you arrive at clarity and confidence.
    • Independent Content Creators -Training sessions that will equip you with knowledge and skills to plan, prepare, deliver and capture content independently.
    • EI Assessment –  An emotional intelligence assessment to help you improve your everyday interactions.


  • Personal Brand | Projects

    • Pathfinder – This sheds light on how to position you, develop propositions and investigate what opportunity platforms are out there and what content strategy will serve you best.
    • Brand – Brand guidelines provide clarity on how the brand should be presented. It also helps you to ‘stay in your lane’ and be consistent.
    • Website – A personal branded website is your shop window, it acts as the top of the funnel and is a place where your story can be easily accessed.
  • Personal Brand | Retainers

    • Storytelling & Strategy Sessions – Develop your storyteller skills and capabilities through private coaching, creating an improved final product.
    • Professional Video – Quality professional video showcases a high-value personal brand.
    • Post-Production  – Our post-production service takes the time and stresses off you.