All eyes on: The sausage roll debacle, setting goals & thinking about more than profit

7th January

Published by Charlotte Mia Sperrin

7th January

… And just like that, the holiday season was over, and we found ourselves back at our desks! The Christmas holidays always seem really long and far too short at the same time, don’t you think?

This week we’re catching up with what happened while we were all busy opening presents and visiting family…


The Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll Debacle

You may have heard that baking superstars Greggs launched a vegan sausage roll last week. It caused a bit of a fuss, especially over on Twitter – where the Greggs social media team were really on form. Piers Morgan, it seems is not a fan of the vegan sausage roll, tweeting his distaste for the idea.What followed though was sheer genius on the part of the Greggs social team – as noted in this article from The Poke. The Greggs social team have been on form ever since to be honest, answering comments with aplomb as seen here. (Be warned: people got quite upset about the vegan sausage roll and there is some swearing)

The Greggs social team are a great example of brilliant marketing, but another thing that caught our eye was how Pizza Hut seized the opportunity with their own Twitter feed.


Everyone’s Setting Goals

At this time of year, everyone’s busy setting resolutions and goals for the year ahead. The most common new year’s resolutions are to quit smoking and to exercise or lose weight – but what about setting goals for your business or your work? At Jago our first day back at work in 2019 was spent thinking about what we want to achieve for ourselves and the company in 2019. We’ve loved this recording of a TED Talk by John Doerr where he talks about how to set the right goals. A compelling sense of why can be the launch pad for our objectives.


We’re Thinking About More Than Just Profits

Things seem to be changing lately; the environmental movement is gaining momentum with more awareness than ever around things like single-use plastics and sustainable living. As well as this, there’s no denying that the political climate both in the UK and abroad can feel a little apocalyptic at times! This article talks about both of these changes, and how they could actually be related posing the question: What if we were to rig markets to benefit people and planet as well as profit? As Jago embarks on our own journey to becoming B Corp certified, this article explains why we feel it’s the right move for any business wanting to move forward with the world.