Celebrating a year of growth and achievement

30th August

Published by Vicky

30th August

Earlier this month we met in Bordon to mark the end of the Jago year. We congratulated each other for a great year, talked about strategy for the twelve months ahead, and celebrated each other’s achievements.

A key element of any business is celebrating achievements and planning for the future. June 30th saw the end of the Jago company year – we posted on Instagram at the time, discussing reflections at the end of the year. Just like the end of a calendar year, this is a time to reflect on what has gone well over the previous year, and also to look to the future. 

Reflections and strategy

Earlier this month the whole Jago team met in Bordon to do just that. Since we’re a remote team we don’t often find ourselves all in the same room at the same time, so it was a great chance to catch up and celebrate a fantastic year of all things Jago.

In the last twelve months we’ve increased our turnover by 36% and our operating profit by 62%. Our growth investments have increased by a whopping 528% as we’ve put more and more back into the company and developing our team.

Our Business Leader Ryan:

This has been such a big year for us; I feel like I’ve achieved so much personally and professionally. After a really busy few months of the whole team working on projects it was great to just take a day to come together and reflect on what we’ve achieved.

A year is a long time, and it’s easy to forget achievements when you’re always working hard and moving forward. The whole team found it a real eye opener to look back at all of the things we had achieved both collectively and individually. From fantastic new websites for existing customers to exciting brand transformations for new clients, we’ve worked really hard and the whole team is proud of how far we’ve come. 

Project Manager Dovile said:

When you’re busy working on a project, making sure everything is done on time, you can easily forget to look back and see how far you’ve come. For me, this meeting was a chance to see how much we have achieved and just how many different and varied projects I’ve been a part of this year.

Reflecting on the previous year and seeing how well we had done really inspired the whole team for the year ahead – but what came next was even more motivating. 

Our Business Adviser Steve took us through an exercise where we evaluated key areas of our business, and how we see them changing going forward. This was a really engaging activity where we all put forward our views and ideas for the future. 

Steve said: 

There’s no point in Ryan (Director) and I coming up with a plan and just telling it to you; we want you to be part of the process of building the Jago strategy for next year and the years beyond.

We all had a chance to discuss different aspects of the company as it is now, and how we see things changing in the future. The whole team was able to give honest feedback and opinions as well as to give our own ideas and suggestions for the future of the company. 

This event was actually our videographer Olli’s first day as a Jago employee and it was great to get him involved in the process.  Olli is an award winning, talented videographer and we’ve been excited to welcome him on board since he began working freelance with us on some projects earlier in the year. This was a great way to introduce him to the way we work as a team. 


At the end of the meeting, Ryan took a moment to call out each team member individually. He recognised each of us for specific successes throughout the year, before presenting us with a bottle of champagne and a coveted Jago t shirt. It felt great to be acknowledged for specific, individual achievements. When you feel seen and appreciated it makes you want to work harder as part of the team.

We make an effort as a team to always thank each other and show appreciation for a job well done – but to do this on a larger scale was a great way to celebrate the end of a busy year. 


Of course, you can’t have a year end event without a celebration! We all headed to Haslemere for drinks and chat, before going to a beautiful barn with gorgeous grounds for our evening celebration. Here Ryan cooked up a vegan storm, including the best mushrooms Dovile had ever tasted! As the sun set, we all felt a real sense of achievement at a year well spent.

The last word goes to Head Designer Charlotte, who said: 

The way you feel and how your headspace is, is all about mindset and perception. If you give yourself a moment to reflect and you create that headspace to allow yourself to recognise all of the growth you have had in that year, its super powerful because it sets the scene, reinvigorates, re energises us and we are so ready for the next year it’s unbelievable.

Watch this space; Jago is aiming high this year!