Google Partner Specialisation: What does this mean?

8th April

Published by Vicky

8th April

Jago earns the Google Partner shopping advertising specialisation

We’ve written before about the benefits of choosing a Google Partner to manage your advertising on Google, and we are proud to be a Google Partner.

We had some exciting news last week: we have now earned the shopping advertising specialisation, meaning that we have proven our skills in shopping advertising.

What are company specialisations on Google Ads?

Company specialisations are used as a way to show which agencies have expertise in particular areas. In this instance, the shopping advertising specialisation shows that we have specific skills and knowledge in the area of advertising for shopping.

How do you earn company specialisations?

Google awards specialisations based on set criteria including certifications, the amount spent on Google Ads and company performance. This means that in order to earn a company specialisation, the ads a company places need to be performing and demonstrating that they really can walk the walk.

Once a specialisation is earned, Google also keeps tabs on performance to ensure a company keeps performing. If performance slips, a specialisation can be removed.

How many company specialisations are there?

There are five different company specialisations: search advertising; mobile advertising; video advertising; display advertising and shopping advertising.

What does the shopping specialisation mean for Jago clients?

Essentially this means our clients benefit from our added expertise. We place and manage shopping ads for several of our clients, and the monthly reports we send to them each month means they already know that their ads are performing well for them.

For our team members, this is some well-earned recognition for their hard work. Our Digital Marketing Executive Dovile says:

We work hard for all of our clients to ensure they get the maximum benefit from their ad spend. It’s great to be recognised by Google for this, and to be able to show our new clients they have come to the right agency.