Jago Events: an interview with Jess

12th March

Published by Vicky

12th March

Our first event is coming up in a few days and we’re all busy preparing to make it an informative and engaging experience for everyone. We caught up with our social media intern Jess, who will be talking about why consistency is key, and how to achieve this.

Tell us more about your upcoming presentation

I’ll be presenting on design with regards to social media, and how design needs to be used consistently across all marketing platforms. It’s important to showcase your brand correctly in this way. We’ll also touch on how design in social media can influence your followers to take action – and of course, how poor or inconsistent design on social media can lead to a misrepresentation of your brand.

Sounds like you’re fairly passionate about this sort of thing…

Yes, I really am! Social media is fairly new, and I feel like it’s a form of marketing that, if executed correctly, can advance a brand and create true customer connection. Social media gives your brand life and a personality that can become relatable to viewers and create a level of trust you don’t get with traditional marketing.

When it’s done badly though, it can lead to that Um moment in a person’s mind where they question the validity of the brand; it can create a feeling of mistrust.

Who do you feel Jago events are for?

I think Jago events are for people who are driven to do all they can to further their brands. They are purpose driven and personally driven to make their brands the best that they can be for themselves and for their customers.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background

I studied at a design university in Johannesburg in South Africa, specialising in copywriting; I have a passion for the written word. I grew up in South Africa and only recently moved to the UK; I chose to move here for the amazing opportunities and also for the safety which I feel South Africa lacks right now. I’ve found that being in the UK has opened so many doors for me already – especially being hired by Jago, a company I feel I was destined to be a part of.

I freelanced throughout my university career where I gained a good knowledge of the industry, its high points and in turn its weaknesses. I am only in the early stages of my career  journey and I feel that I’m on the exact path I am meant to be on.


Date: 12th March 2019

Time: 6pm

Venue: The Projects, 8-9 Ship Street, Brighton

Find out more and request tickets for this event here.