Team Workshops: Personal Branding For Businesses

Master Your Reputation, Together

What if you could raise your brand’s profile using members of your team?

Our workshops include Personal Branding insights, Emotional Intelligence and Storytelling training and development.

We facilitate in a way to help each attendee to understand themselves and others in the team more deeply and to uncover what makes you tick – individually and collectively.

The relationships you have in your team are crucial to the success of your business.

Building an authentic Personal Brand both within and outside your organisation takes self awareness and a deeper understanding of your identity and what you stand for.

Emotional Intelligence is the toolkit to help understand how we are facing off to others, this is the insurance policy for individual when it comes to putting ourselves out there, sharing our thoughts, expertise and ideas with others.  Helps us read the room, respond in a balanced way and keep our corners clean.

Personal Branding is not self promotion but think of it as more “ideas promotion”.

One person can achieve a lot but imagine the scale you can have with a whole team.

Jago workshops will help you get there.

What are Jago Workshops?

Our workshops with groups of business leaders offer a chance to build the personal brands of key team members, understand your business’ brand story, and cultivate connections between the two. By the end of a day with Jago, your team will be public assets for your brand voice.

Every workshop is unique, built to illuminate your business culture.  We will help every attendee to tell their personal story. You can expect to:

  • Develop your team’s understanding of personal branding
  • Harness your team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Deepen your connection with your brand and business values
  • Familiarise yourself with the ‘why’ of your products and services
  • Learn about the LinkedIn platform (or update your knowledge)
  • Increase your comfort creating content (written and video)

We’ve helped businesses across the professional services sector and creative industries to connect with their brand stories, understand the journey of their customers, and become more connected with each other through our workshops.

The How, Where and When

We use a blend of emotional intelligence profiling and coaching with anthropology, psychology, storytelling and all the tools and tactics to build an authentic personal profile on LinkedIn and beyond.

We can deliver workshops at your UK offices and offer remote or hybrid sessions for teams who don’t all work from one location.

Our team workshops are entirely bespoke to your unique objectives and goals.

Just like in our one-on-one work, our unique approach – infused with anthropology and emotional intelligence – is delivered with methodical precision when we work with a team.

Next Steps

Get in touch today if you want to:

  • Tell your team’s personal stories (written and video)
  • Develop strategies to attract talent to your business
  • Raise your business’ brand profile and those of key team members
  • Shine a light on your culture
  • Position yourselves as as ‘best in class’
  • EQ enables you to have healthier interactions with others, including your prospects, clients and team mates.

What do others think about our workshops

“I learned so much about how to be more confident on LI and bring my personality to my brand”

“One of the best workshops I can remember, informative, fun and action orientated 10/10”

“Jago do things differently, it feels more authentic than what I have seen elsewhere” 

Send an enquiry for more information on Jago Workshops tailored to the needs of your team.

You can download the Jago Personal Branding 2024 benchmark report today