Ryan’s first article for Forbes Councils

2nd November

Published by Rebecca Oldfield-Heath

2nd November

Jago’s Co-Founder Ryan O’Keeffe has recently become a member of Forbes Councils, an invitation-only, professional organisation where top CEOs and entrepreneurs share professional skills on Forbes.com. 

His first article, “Are you a Jekyll and Hyde? Why Emotional Intelligence is Critical to your Personal Brand” has just been published on the site and it’s all about emotional intelligence and why it’s important for your personal brand.

In it he explains that everyone has a personal brand – it’s your reputation, what people think of when they think of you.

Emotional intelligence plays a big part in your personal brand… or rather, harnessing your emotional intelligence can help you to improve and capitalise on your personal brand.

In his article Ryan goes into his own experience with emotional intelligence, and how he has used his EQ to improve his personal brand and in turn help to grow Jago as a business.

These days it’s really important to be consistent. The person we see at a networking event must be the same person we see on social media, and in the queue at the supermarket. Emotional intelligence helps us to be consistently authentic, no matter who we’re talking to.

I joined Forbes Councils to be able to communicate across the globe and spread the message around what we do at Jago, to really live out our mission which is to impact leaders through the work that we do so they can impact others. I wanted to reach more fantastic business leaders and entrepreneurs to try and educate them on how we see personal branding which is really about leadership and having a positive influence on the people you serve: being the spotlight rather than being in the spotlight.


Take a look at Ryan’s article HERE and let us know what you think!