Staying Energised at Work

24th August

Published by Vicky

24th August

Here at Jago, we have the freedom to choose where we work. Although we do have an office, our team are free to work from wherever they feel most productive. We do this because it means we can hire the best people without worrying about how close they are to our office.

With team members spread across the country (and sometimes the world!) it can be hard to maintain that energised team spirit though – especially on a grey Monday morning!

As a team we all make an effort to keep eachother energised over the course of the day and the week. One thing that can be lacking when you work remotely is that “water cooler conversation” that you usually get when everyone is in the same office. We use Slack to keep in touch and make sure to touch base on topics other than just work. We keep things light hearted, and always wish each other a happy weekend on a Friday afternoon.

We make sure to have regular video calls as a team, so that we’re not just emailing back and forth. It’s hard to make actual eye contact on a team video call, but seeing people’s faces and expressions – and the different environments people are working from – helps to keep us all in touch and energised.

When you’re working remotely, that can sometimes feel a bit lonely; if you’re sitting at your desk on your own all day it is easy to feel a bit dull, especially by Friday afternoon. Each member of our team has a different way to ensure they remain energised and focused throughout the working week:

Dovile, our digital marketing executive likes to start her day with an early morning run to make sure she is energised and ready to start her day. Dovile often works from locations around the globe which enables her to explore new and different running routes, keeping her inspired and motivated for a more productive and energised day.

Content lead Vicky goes for a walk around the block between tasks to ensure she is awake and energised.

Business leader Ryan uses his morning walk to work to get energised before beginning his day.

Steve, our Business Adviser, says the key for him is in enjoying his work; creating something, solving a problem, listening to someone interesting, seeing new angles. He wears African prints to keep his energy buzzing through the day.

Senior Designer Charlotte adds that being able to work from multiple inspiring locations and being able to collaborate with a diverse team keeps her energised.

What do you do, to stay energised while at work?