There is never a perfect time to change your life

Published by Ryan O'Keeffe

Are you waiting until a good time to change things?


If there’s one thing life has taught me, it’s that there’s never a perfect time to change it for the better.

I was going through huge challenges when I set up Jago in 2014. Professionally, I was in flux. I had quit a job at Yell, and wasn’t sure of my next move. Personally, I was terrified. My newborn son was seriously ill, and I was barely holding things together.

Was that the perfect time to change things?

You wouldn’t think so.

But making calls outside the hospital to secure Jago’s first clients is what got me through. Knowing there was no choice apart from to succeed… well… it worked. 

My example is particularly extreme, but there are so many obstacles both large and small in everyone’s life. 

You will never find plain sailing – it doesn’t exist. So you might as well go for it!

How Limiting Beliefs Hold us Back

We often create limiting beliefs that stop us from taking charge of our destiny and potential. 

They might be:

I’m too busy

I need to spend my time in the business

I don’t have the skills

I’m no good at public speaking

I’m not confident enough

This isn’t my kind of thing.  

We fabricate these beliefs hoping they will protect us from the unknown, when in reality they can be our biggest downfall. Over time, we internalise them. We begin to believe them. And we start avoiding anything difficult. 

In truth, times of adversity are often when we learn the most about ourselves and from change and challenge comes opportunity and strength which can be harnessed.

My experiences of setting up Jago while going through intense personal challenges, has made me and the business stronger.

Jago’s approach to personal branding helps our clients take the leap of faith they need to

Have clarity on their personal values and purpose.

Identify their superpowers.

Gain confidence to master their personal brand, and in turn to achieve their personal and business goals.

So, why not take the first step on your personal journey today?

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