Why Does The Jago Personal Branding System Use Emotional Intelligence?

19th October

Published by Ryan O'Keeffe

19th October

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and control your own emotions. If you have strong emotional intelligence (or EQ), you’ll be able to remain your authentic self even when things are hard.

Jago uses emotional intelligence because strong emotional intelligence means showing up consistently across platforms and situations.
But this isn’t all about you – EQ means understanding how others feel too. People with high EQ can read a situation and understand the nuances that will impact others.

No matter what you do, you’re using EQ to some degree or another all the time.Everything you do, every decision you make for your team, every meeting, even choices in your personal life, make up who you are. So harnessing your EQ is integral to bulding your business and your personal brand.

For me, for example, part of my personal brand is being a dad. A good one! And deeper still is my experience of having dealt with trauma around becoming a father. All of that has also informed my EQ, how I show up everyday, operate in my business and how I portray my authentic self to the outside world.

When you understand your emotional baseline, you can grab hold of it as leverage for your personal brand. And more than that? You can, with coaching, improve the parts of emotional intelligence you aren’t so great with.

This will help at work, home, for speaking gigs, while networking, and on LinkedIn.

And best of all? You’ll know yourself better and feel more comfortable in your own skin

Because how can you push a personal brand if you don’t really know who you are.

How Jago Harness EQ

We offer initial EQ assessments that will uncover where your strengths and weaknesses lie in terms of emotional intelligence. More than purely self-awareness, it consists of 15 different subscales that work together to make up what you are good at, and what you can develop further. There’s no real way to ‘win’ at EQ, it’s an ongoing process of learning how to be a better version of yourself and a better leader.


Myself and Steve are trained in EQ and anthropology, so once you’ve taken your easy online assessment alone we get together and talk about the findings.

These are supportive meetings – we might dig in to why you aren’t performing in certain areas, but there’s no judgement, no blame.

Our aim is:

  • Understanding
  • Improvement
  • Personal Growth

All together, these will all improve your connection to your personal brand.

On a personal level, the whole Jago team regularly undergoes EQ assessments and we’re all very much behind the system. We work on our EQ, so that we can help the teams we work with to be more open and honest.

What is EQ Coaching?

EQ coaching allows us to work on a deeper and more consistent footing with our clients. 

We get to know each other really well. We dig down into what is changing and how it’s evolving to give practical actionable advice to build your EQ and achieve success in the areas of your life that really matter to you

Over the years, we’ve seen massive improvements in EQ through coaching that have been reflected in the rise of our clients’ personal brands and confidence to put themselves out there.

What Can You Achieve Through Improved EQ?

Honest answer? 

Whatever you want.

This is about becoming an enhanced you, and understanding yourself more deeply.

We’ve helped clients become well-known subject experts. We’ve had clients who said they’d never get in front of the camera move on to produce high quality, slick video content. And more importantly, we’ve seen our clients growas people,leaders, and entrepreneurs. 

  • To understand where you are strong and weak was helpful. To then have a plan to focus on playing from your strengths, being aware of where they can be excessive has allowed me to project a consistent message and trust with my authentic network

    Alex Holliman

    Founder | Climbing Trees

  • Through the EQ work with Jago, I have got to understand myself better, and how my emotional make-up can impact me professionally and personally. I now understand how this directly affects my leadership style and communication. Personal Brand is personal, so understanding yourself better enables you to project your best self authentically

    Jaye Cowle

    Managing Director | Launch Online

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