All eyes on: time spent on Facebook; the voice search revolution; the myth of laziness and closing down for Christmas

17th December

Published by Vicky

17th December

This week we’re talking about how much time we really spend on Facebook and the growth of voice search. We’re wondering whether laziness is a real thing, and we’re looking forward to finishing for Christmas!


How much time do you really spend on Facebook?

Facebook is in the process of rolling out access to the “Your Time on Facebook” tool which you can use to see just how long you’ve spent scrolling. You can also use it to set a daily limit so that it will remind you to stop when you hit that limit. TechCrunch published a useful article which explains how to access the dashboard, and the clever things you can use it for.

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Is your SEO geared up for voice search?

The way we search for things is changing; with so many devices around us many of us now search using our voice rather than typing. And we speak differently to how we type. For example, if you had a leak in your bathroom and needed a plumber a year ago, you may have opened Google and typed “plumber in Surrey.” These days you’re more likely to open your phone or even shout to your device, Hey Google, call me a local plumber!” or Hey Google, find me a plumber in Surrey.”

Your SEO work needs to be ready for this change as more and more people begin to use voice search as their first port of call. We published a blog about voice search last week which will help you to understand everything you need to know.

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Is laziness made up?

We enjoyed a recent article on Medium from Devon Price where she suggests that rather than being lazy, perhaps people don’t do things because there are barriers that others can’t see, which prevent them from doing the things we see them avoiding. Adding context and curiosity rather than judgement to a situation helps us to understand what is going on, and to seek potential resolutions to a problem rather than just labelling a person as lazy and attempting to shame them into doing what we want them to do.

This is a really interesting concept that we can apply in all areas of our lives, not only when dealing with perceived laziness. Why not try it the next time you’re tempted to label someone as lazy?

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When do you finish for Christmas?

Here at Jago we’ve decided to close down for Christmas week. We’ll all be closing our laptops on Friday afternoon, and we won’t open them again until January 2nd.

We’re looking forward to having a proper break from working, and spending time with our nearest and dearest.

You see, if you take a week of during the year, you can have a nice break but for lots of us, there’s always that nagging worry in the back of one’s head. We might find ourselves wondering whether the project we were working on is moving along ok without us – and of course, towards the end of our week off we’ll worry about our overflowing inbox when we return to our desks. If the whole company is closed, this is not a concern and we can all take a proper break.

Of course, we’ve contacted our clients ahead of time to let them know we’ll be closed; many of them are also closing for the festive week, and others have a number to call if there’s an urgent problem.

And now we’re working hard to make sure there are no loose ends left at the end of the year! We’re looking forward to coming back to our desks refreshed and energised, ready to make it happen for all of our clients in 2019.

Merry Christmas!