Celebrating our recertification as a B-Corp

15th December

Published by Ryan O'Keeffe

15th December

Wow, that three years have flown past!  ğŸŽ‰

I have always told others outside and inside our business that B-Corp will not define us.

We would never sell to others based on being a B-Corp; we must be the best at what we do to be a market leader.

But what B-Corp has done is set us apart from the norm; it showed the world our intentions and helped shape our culture and how we do business.

It has made us stronger and wiser.

And thats because we have to develop ourselves as leaders within a B-Corp, and it brings us closer to other B-Corp leaders who we can learn from and grow with.

I am so grateful for the people it has brought me close to, especially the business leaders I admire and respect.

This brings me to call out a few of my B-Corp friends I regularly catch up with.

Cheers to Sally Pritchett from Something Big, an incredible creative agency I had the pleasure to join and speak in front of last Christmas at their annual get-together.

Sally kindly donated a hefty sum on my behalf to the Evelina hospital, where my son Rory gets treated regularly.

Big up to my friends Piers Palmer, Laurent Maguire & Gavin Shinfield, the three founders of Kyan, a fantastic digital products studio in Guildford.

You won’t believe this, but Kyan was in my business plan 12 years ago as an agency I admired and guess what? I ended up working with them to support them with their Personal Brands. A dream come true!

Greetings to Jenny Kitchen from Yoyo, a brilliantly branded business blending creativity and technology to craft exceptional, sustainable experiences.

Both our brands were featured on the famous Coutts window display on the strand, a moment in time never to be forgotten.

A shoutout to Louise Palmer from Wildfire for challenging tech PR norms and thinking boldly. I have enjoyed getting to know you over the last few months!

Hi to Bailey Bryan from Footprint Digital, a fun and friendly team of digital marketers passionately addressing SEO challenges and exceeding PPC projections.

Kudos to Teresa Allan allen from Magnus Consulting for their strategic mindset and unwavering commitment to creating positive, lasting change.

A shoutout to Christopher Godfree from Across the Pond an independent force for good, delivering comprehensive brand services globally.

Alex Holliman at Climbing Trees, who runs an incredible sustainable digital marketing agency, it has been great to work with and learn from this inspiring man!

And to my friends at Avery and Brown, Tim Brown and Russ Avery FRSA, who have helped us produce the pioneering “Power of Personal Branding” report 2023/24.

I am incredibly grateful to have these wonderful people in my life; they strive for a better world through a better way to do business.

We are stronger together, I appreciate you all X