What is your personal brand?

6th December

Published by Ryan O'Keeffe

6th December

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It’s important to understand how people view you. Having an authentic personal brand is important for your business and your career, no matter whether you are running your own business or climbing the ladder in the corporate world.

These days, Googling a new contact is often one of the first things we do.

What would your potential clients see, if they Googled you?


What would potential employees see?

Or a potential employer?

Personal branding is becoming more and more important. We all know by now that people do business with people, not companies. Your clients want to know who they will be doing business with, and your personal brand should tell them that in abundance. 

The thing about a personal brand is that we all have one – whether we’ve consciously honed it or not. If you ask the people around you what they think of when they think of you, they will all have an answer.

Therefore, it’s infinitely more powerful to take control of how people see you – and use it to your advantage.

But contrary to what you may think, personal branding is not about creating a slick public image to portray yourself as something you’re not. It’s about understanding yourself and learning how to communicate what really matters with the people you want to reach.

But how do you get started?

The first step in any journey like this is to figure out where you want to go and how to start.  How is your personal brand serving you right now? And what do you ultimately want it to achieve?

Our free Personal Brand Health Check will help you to get started, providing you with a free personalised report so you can clearly see where you are – and where you want to go.

With 20 quick questions, we will score you against four key areas: your identity and values; your LinkedIn presence; your marketing and communications, and your strategic intent. 

We’ll look at your strengths, your self-awareness and your emotional intelligence to identify where you are already nailing it – and where you can unlock new possibilities.

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  • "I said to them at the end of Phase One, I think you know me better than I know me and that builds real confidence."

    Peter Hoole


  • I didnt think I needed a strategy but having gone through the process its been amazing, I now know my super powers and where to focus, this has given me so much confidence. I think Jago are probably one of the best agencies I have come across.

    Spencer Gallagher

    Founder | Agencynomics