Care Opticians

Building trust through transparency.

We were tasked to create a new brand and website for a business offering home visiting optician services for people with access issues. They were originally known as Community Care Opticians. We identified that this was a confusing and misleading brand. The “community” element was causing audience misunderstanding.

Our research on this word showed that it was perceived as a social care service. We advised a name change. We needed to refresh the logo which was not particularly good across different size devices. We then repositioned the logo with the name. Our question was: What are you? There were so many variations of the names across their franchises and a clear lack of discipline to the brand application. This needed to be addressed with clear brand guidelines.

An established business with a legacy brand that required updating and upgrading.

The end result was a new name and brand that was relevant to their proposition today. We managed to retain legacy aspects within the new name. As a franchise business, we needed to be considerate to the heritage. We wanted it to feel different yet familiar. We created a brand that felt completely relevant, simplified but not completely disconnected from what they’ve been trading under for the past 20 years.

This generated huge amounts of excitement and momentum from owners and franchisees. We created a clean, minimalist look and feel that works well both offline and online. We created a brand essence and aesthetic that felt completely transparent and trustworthy. Visually represented with two lenses and a home.

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