The Emotional Intelligence Company

A brand redesign that got the whole team engaged and excited.

Our starting point was a strategic review. Understanding their mission and why they existed.
There were two businesses and their plan was to build two websites. Our research provided insights that enabled us to recommend focusing on one business and niching in emotional intelligence with the idea of bridging the gap in the workplace.

Their former approach was from an intellectual standpoint. We turned this around with a verbal identity that communicated a simplified message, making it accessible and engaging. Through design we embodied the vision of humanising interaction.
We helped The Emotional Intelligence Company to transform into EiCo, upgrading not only their site design but the approach and feel of their entire organisation.

Developing the brand message and identity was key. We collaborated as a team to create a modern, slick design that more accurately portrays the groundbreaking work done by this company.

The brand was old fashioned.  It didn’t do justice to what they were offering or truly represent who they were.

We dug deep to the fine details through an extensive discovery phase. We brought clarity through brand message and essence. Through design, we defined and presented an authentic identity which tells their story.

A new name. A brand that builds trust and confidence. A modern, slick design that more accurately portrays their groundbreaking work. Showcased via a new logo, tone of voice, website and video.

Everything about this brand is designed to position them as the experts and market leaders. It’s so important to encapsulate what is on offer. The focus was on human interaction, showing empathy and posing questions throughout the content and design.

We helped EiCo to stand head and shoulders above their competitors with a clear brand essence and proposition.

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